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The right light is VITAL for your plants to thrive. Most foliage plants will prefer bright indirect or filtered light so near an East or North facing window that gets good natural light throughout the day but away from harsh direct sun. Cacti and Succulents are best suited to sunny spots that get a good dose of direct sun.



To avoid over watering (caused by watering too often not the volume of water) always test your soil first by pushing your finger down into the soil -if soil sticks to your finger then plenty of moisture no need to water  if soil does not stick or dusty soil then give your plant a thorough water (watering until you see water flushing out the bottom drainage holes, water at least the volume of the pot your plant is in plus that again).Soil to be bone dry all the way through for Cacti & Succulents. Drainage is preferable as this will help to avoid root rot, water sparingly if your plant is planted into a pot without drainage as there is only so much water your plant can absorb.


TLC & Pests

Schedule a regular routine to  remove any dust from your foliage with a damp cloth, check over for pests like scale & mealy bug which can be quite common with houseplants. These pests are small brown or white bugs that slowing breakdown the leaves, wipe off with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water or spray with Neem oil. Regular monthly preventative spraying with Neem oil is also recommended to deter pests and removing any spent foliage or leaves that have seen better days.

Happy Plant Keeping

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