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Bach Botanic - Wall Hook
Bach Botanic - Wall Hook
Bach Botanic - Wall Hook

Bach Botanic - Wall Hook

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These handcrafted wall hooks by Bach Botanic are a functional and beautiful storage solution for your home, bach, boat or tiny home. They're also perfect for displaying hanging planters.

Each hook is by handmade from reclaimed Kauri or Rimu and come with light oil finish. Due to the unique nature of wood, variations in design will occur.
Each wall hook comes with a gib screw, allowing you to install into either gib or timber.

Size is approx 80mm (l) x 33mm (w) each hook will take up to 10kg when installed correctly.

How to install your Bach Botanic Wall Hook
Into Plasterboard / Gib:
Using a Philips Head screwdriver, screw the white nylon wall anchor into the plasterboard wall until it’s fully inserted and the face of the anchor is flush with the wall. 
Insert the metal screw of your Bach Botanic Wall Hook into the head of the white wall anchor and screw until the Wall Hook is fully inserted into position on the wall.
Into Timber or Ply:
Screw your wall hook directly into the timber – drilling a very small pilot hole first will make this easier.



Bach Botanic - Wall Hook

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