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Cymbidium Orchid - Pink

Cymbidium Orchid - Pink

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These gorgeous Cymbidium Orchid Plants will flower for months and are relatively easy care plants but do need  slightly different care to your standard Indoor house plants when it comes to fertilising, soil medium, and frequency of watering.

  • Will do well in a warm spot with bright indirect light, no direct sun.
  • Water or soak thoroughly once a week in summer once every 10-14 days in winter allowing plant to drain off completely.
  • Orchids are Epiphyte plants and do not like to sit in water, we recommend keeping them in their current nursery pots and using a cover pot to remove for watering or plant into slightly larger pot with drainage holes using Orchid Bark potting medium
  • Feed with a liquid orchid plant food each watering in summer.

Approx 17cm wide x 60-70cm tall includes height of pot

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